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PAAO Leadership Development Course

Curso 2018, San Francisco

Curso Work Session, January 2018, San Francisco


Guidelines & Nomination Forms
National Subspecialty Societies eligible to nominate candidates
Course Participants & Alumni and Project Abstracts

The purpose of the PAAO Leadership Course is to provide both orientation and skill development to future leaders of national ophthalmology societies affiliated with the PAAO. Only affiliated National Societies and Affiliated Subspecialty Societies can nominate candidates. Only one candidate per society per year; Candidates may not self-nominate. Consistent with the recent emphasis on mutual commitments between the PAAO, the National Ophthalmological Societies, the Affiliated Subspecialty Societies and for this program in particular, we are requiring a financial commitment on the part of both organizations and the participant. We feel that to optimize the success of this program, a 'buy-in' on the part of all involved will be crucial for this program.

The ideal candidate will be those doctors in your organization that:

  • are currently practicing ophthalmology independently, in a public, private or academic setting (no fellows or residents will be accepted);
  • have shown to be ethical and respectful to patients, peers and staff; have been a full member of the nominating society (subspecialty or national society) for at least 5 years after completion of their training;
  • have demonstrated willingness to work and organizational skills; and have a great potential for development and service in their organization and the PAAO.
  • The participant must be a member of the PAAO in order to be nominated (no exceptions).
  • Most importantly, the candidate must have exhibited dedication and community service and interest in your society’s activities.

We are sure that you will be able to identify and send us the name of the person with these prerequisites.

Deadline for submission of applications is July 31.

Guidelines and Nominations forms

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National Ophthalmology Societies Affiliate Subspecialty Societies
Argentine Council of Ophthalmology
American Academy of Ophthalmology
Bolivian Society of Ophthalmology
Brazilian Council of Ophthalmology
Canadian Ophthalmological Society
Chilean Society of Ophthalmology
Colombian Society of Ophthalmology
Ophthalmology Association of Costa Rica
Cuban Society of Ophthalmology
Dominican Society of Ophthalmology
Ecuadorian Society of Ophthalmology
Guatemalan Association of Ophthalmology
Haitian Society of Ophthalmology
Honduran Society of Ophthalmology
Mexican Society of Ophthalmology
Nicaraguan Society of Ophthalmology
Panamanian Society of Ophthalmology
Paraguayan Society of Ophthalmology
Peruvian Society of Ophthalmology
Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology
Puerto Rican Society of Ophthalmology
Salvadorian Society of Ophthalmology
Spanish Society of Ophthalmology
Uruguayan Association of Ophthalmologists
Venezuelan Society of Ophthalmology
Ophthalmological Society of the West Indies
ALACCSA-R (Latin American Association of Cataract Surgery and Anterior Segment and Refractive)
CLADE (Latin American Council on Strabismus)
CLAN (Latin American Neuroophthalmology Club)
CLEO (Latin American Council on Ultrasound in Ophthalmology)
Pan-American Society of Retina and Vitreous (SPRV)
Pan-American Cornea Society (PanCornea)
Pan-American Low Vision Society
Pan-American Glaucoma Society
Pan-American Oculoplastic Society
Pan-American Ocular Pathology Society “Lorenz E. Zimmerman”
Pan-American Trauma Society
Pan-American Ocular Inflammatory Disease Society (SPEIO)
Pan-American Ophthalmic Oncology Society
SOPLA (Latin American Pediatric Ophthalmology Society)


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Curso group bike ride, San Francisco 2012


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